About us

The Concept

“Inspiration struck, and the concept was born—a vision to build a casino website reviewer dedicated to help gamblers make an informed decision.”

The purpose is simple: guide people to the proper options, reveal top-tier incentives, and assist gamblers all over the world in navigating the complex world of online casinos. This project aspires to be a go-to resource for people seeking not only amusement but also assurance of quality in their gaming experience, with a commitment to transparency, dependability, and user-centric information. The adventure to transform the online casino review scene has begun, giving a valuable tool for players all over the world to improve their gambling attempts.

The Website

From the start, we knew that we would need a good website and a lot of content for our visitors. The idea for the name of the brand was created. Welcome to GambleRush! From that moment, we started to build up our base. With all the ideas, experiences and struggles to share. With the idea in mind that the main, core, juicy of the review need to be provided quickly and professionally. 

Amount of Reviews Done

We are proud to share that we have meticulously crafted over 600 reviews of online casinos, providing players with insightful information to help them make informed decisions in their gaming journey. Our devoted team has worked tirelessly to provide detailed assessments, providing you with a trustworthy resource to help you navigate the enormous environment of online gaming. The adventure does not end here; our dedication to quality pulls us forward as we broaden our reviews, keeping you informed and empowered.

They Journey

Rest assured that our dedication to finding the finest bargains for gamblers is unrelenting. We are committed to continuing our mission of providing you with top-tier knowledge and lucrative gambling chances! GambleRush cares about its customers, and always ready to support them. You can find the section “Contact us” and leave a message to us by filling up the forms, and we will get in touch with you to answer them as soon as it’s possible.

The Team

“Hello there! My name is Gambit.
And I have been in the casino industry for over 7 years. My experience in the world of gambling has been nothing short of spectacular. Every moment has been a roll of the dice for me, from my early days as a dedicated gambler to dealing cards in the hectic atmosphere of retail casinos. Moving into the digital arena, I discovered my niche in online casinos, where I not only experienced the thrill of gambling but also refined my talents as a Customer Support representative, helping other players with their issues. My passion for iGaming is more than a career; it’s a way of life, and I want to share my expertise with you!
“Hey, I’m Lottery!
In the exciting world of online gaming, I am the Head of Content. I’ve spent over ten years honing my talents as an online casino Bonus Finder and rigorous auditor. My interest is in creating high-quality material and discovering the best benefits for users. I take delight in ensuring online casino honesty and fairness. Join me on this trip, where my knowledge will make your gaming experience both rewarding and safe. Let’s explore the thrilling world of online gaming together!
“Hello, my name is Domino!
I’m your go-to guy for all things related to slots! As an online casino games critic, I’ve made it my job to delve into the huge and lively world of spinning reels. I’ve earned my stripes as a slots specialist thanks to my great eye for detail and excitement for the thrill of the game. I’m a professional slots gambler who navigates the reels with precision. From old school casino slot games to new modern machines, I am the one who will test them all and give my honest opinion, spin or pass.